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Making Your Voice Heard
Making Your Voice Heard is a youth media training manual. It contains tips for young people on understanding stereotypes, speaking to the media, taking action against inappropriate or offensive stories, developing a communication plan, and writing news, feature stories and letters to editors.

It also contains a media guide for NGOs and youth-based community groups and tips for journalists on how to report about young people. There are appendixes that discuss the relevant international instruments on children and the media.

Youth Media: A Guide to Literacy & Social Change 

The benefits of media literacy cannot be overemphasized. As a reflective participatory activity media literacy instructions enable youth to read, analyze, write and produce media messages.

An understanding of the media has the added advantage of helping young people raise their awareness of and participation in social issues in their communities.

This manual aims to expose young people, parents and educators to the different issues involved in media literacy. It offers an introductory approach to the key elements and benefits of media education for children and youth. It also offers tips on ” How to Choose Good TV‘, ”Television's Impact on Kids‘, ”Teaching Kids to be Safe and Responsible Online‘, Stereotyping in the Media‘, the ”Negative Effects of Music‘ and ”Commercialization in Education‘.



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